About Us

Nehalem Valley Historical Society is devoted to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Manzanita, Wheeler and Nehalem. From a pre-history visit by Sir Frances Drake to the modern towns of today, the area’s legacy is unique.

The Society maintains a public archive at 225 Laneda Avenue in Manzanita, where you can see rotating exhibits that bring the history of the area to life through tangible items.

This is also where the society’s growing collection of paper artifacts is kept safe. The society is making its collection available online so even those unable to come to the physical location can benefit from it.

The Nehalem Valley Historical Society has an ongoing oral-history project. Interviews with locals are conducted and archived to make sure today’s history is not lost to the future.

If you have ties to the area, please consider making a donation of your family’s personal photos, journals, or other historic documents so they can be safely preserved for future generations.