The Collection

The Nehalem Valley Historical Society currently maintains an archive of approximately 2000 artifacts including photographs, letters, journals, maps, and other documents.

These items are being scanned and archived online to make them available to anyone around the world. People can visit the website, type search words and research places, buildings, people, economic factors through the years, settlers, logging, the railroad, and the Native American heritage of the area.

In addition, the society houses items such as a family Bible dating back to the Civil War that belonged to one of the first settlers. They also have some pieces related to the Native American’s first contact with Europeans, including beeswax from a shipwreck centuries earlier. As it washed up, Native Americans would gather it for trade. This was one of the last areas in the United States to be developed, and Native Americans occupied the region until the mid-1800s.

The Nehalem Valley Historical Society is designed to be a repository of important materials that might otherwise be lost. Its mission is to research, preserve and teach history.