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Visiting plane


A plane landed on the Manzanita Beach, possibly for the 1933 celebration of the dedication of Pine Grove Community House.


A photo of the plane which landed on the Manzanita Beach,, possibly the plane flown by Tex Rankin, which landed after he performed aerobatic stunts over the beach in the 1920s.. He also came for the dedication of Pine Grove Community House in August of 1933.

With some research, we have been informed the plane was a "Jenny".

The Jennys were mass produced her in the US near the end of WWI. The were used as trainers, but they ended up producing way more than needed. After the war,they were the most plentiful aircraft around. You could buy a brand new one for $500.00 or less.It was the primary airplane for arnstormers, etc. The government ended up grounding them all for good. The reason wasn't safety - Jennys were so cheap and availale that no one could make a go of producing new airplanes.


Photo by unknown source


Photo 5 x 7" in fair condition


Omeka: 16
NVHS Accession: 2011.1.7
Physical Location: Box A Folder 1



Photo by unknown source, “Visiting plane,” Nehalem Valley Historical Society Online Archive, accessed October 1, 2022,

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