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Photos of Glenesslin. In the top photo, there are some treasure hunters. A. Scavengers looting the Glenesslin taking what they want. Famous photo of the ship right after the incident..

Photos of Barview. One is of the view of the beach at Barview, the other is in the town. B. Waiting for the street car in Barview.

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Photos of Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain.A. High bridge on Neah-Kan-Nie, wagon bridge prior to suspension, 1912 B. beautifu Pacific Oacean from Manzanita Beach, towards the mountain C. Suspension Bridge, Neahkahnie 1925

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Photos of loggers. A. Some Log! Seaside, Oregon B. Men and Donkey, pulling logs and horses too.C. Men standing in front of cable from the donkey. D. Log jam, waiting to be shipped out. E. Just fallen tree and 2 lumberjacks. F. "One of our logs." …

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Photos of Nehalem Bay and Nehalem Bay State Park. A. Early view of th Nehalem Bay State Park camp ground, looking south B. Lograft crossing the Nehalem Bar, 1935. C. Before Manzanita was platted, they had it kike this in 1908. D. The real treasure of…

Photos of Wheeler A. 4th of July B. Street scene of Wheeler C. Wheeler, Or. a busy town on the Nehalem Bay.

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Photos of Astoria. picture A . Astoria, looking East on Comercial St, after the fire. B. McGowens Canning Co., Columbia River Salmon. C. The 125' Column at Astoria, commemorating the first American Settlement on the Pacific Coast in 1811. Discovery…

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