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The Women's Club's 82nd annual birthday.

Ad for the Tour of Homes for 2014 put on by the Women's Club and Kiwanis Club of Manza-Whee-Lem. each year

Each year the Kiwanis Club of Manza-Whee-Lem and the Women's Club of Manzanita North County put together a tour of 5 to 7 homes on the last weekend in August. This benefits both organizations and is a great activity for locals and tourists alike.

The card is honoring Pine Grove Community Club with its annual recognition award for outstanding community service, money was dedicated to the interior decoration of the facility

This is a list of gifts made by the Manzanita Women's Club to Pine Grove Community Club during the past 10 years. Dated 1978

This letter to Ann Nicholson from Debbie Gardiner spoke of the speaker, Carol Houde who showed 12 wedding dresses from 1850-1910 vintage. She inclosed a picture taken at the tea of the committee consisting of Carol Povey, Diane Getty, Dorothy…

The Women's Club Rummage sale was one of the money making projects for each year for a number of years. This sale was Nov. 18, 1971. The photos taken of the crew, included Maybelle Hutton, Gladys Soderstrom, Georgia Cook, Dorothy Pierson and Wilma…

The Women's Club put on Progressive Club dinners and lunches to make money and these books show the menus and who was on what committee for each, plus how many were served.
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