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Photos of Wheeler A. 4th of July B. Street scene of Wheeler C. Wheeler, Or. a busy town on the Nehalem Bay.

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Two pages of pictures and ads about Wheelers Celebrating 100 Years from the North Coast Citizen July 11, 2013


This notebook contains pictures of the events put on by the club, plus notices and correspondence.

This notebook ha s minutes and details of the planing and events of the Wheeler Community Club from 1993 to 1998

This is closely connected to the Blazers, as the team was sort of adopted by Wheeler. They had a Wheeler Blazer Fest and the team was welcomed and honored by Wheeler Citizens. Their first was Sept. 26, 1992. They had an auction, ribbon cutting…

The beginnings of a town and village, why did they choose the location , how did it get started, and what kept the town alive for all these years?
It all began in the 1890's, how the machinery for a new sawmill was floated down the Nehalem river, as…


This booklet has some very interesting details of why it is an absolutely safe investmen, sur of yielding large returns for purchasers. It gives good detail to the life and happenings that are surrounding Wheeler


May 1 the Oregon Coastline Express Train will begin operations between Tillamook and Wheeler. There is a spark of hope from the Oregon Tourism Alliance funds for a city waterfront park burst into full light in the winter when the project was given a…


This lovely cook book was compiled and arraigned by the Ladies of the Satellite Club of Wheeler, Ore. in 1924.


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