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The story goes that in the late 1800s, a man named Pat Smith, moved all the marked rocks, to hide the treasure, from anyone else finding it.

Article by Garry Gitzen points out that Sir Francis Drake is responsible for laying out the "treasure rocks" which in reality are survey markings done when Drake was here in 1579.

This article gives a detailed account of Gemelli Careri's trip from the Orient to Alcapulco telling of a disastrous trip, with unbearable hardships. Also other added articles showing the petroglyrphs that were found scattered on Mt. Neahkahnie.

Article discusses the people who are still looking for the long lost treasure. Prospectors from Canada Southern California have searched. The Indian legend keeps people looking and the pictures depick the "treasure" rocks found with markings on…

Orville Keller claims he found the Spanish Treasure Rocks and would show them to Don Ackers. They are of sculptored rocks of animals. An ape head, rabbit, elephant and others.

This page is notes about the whereabouts of the Neahkahnie treasure is buried. Mr. Orville Keller relayed that he had rocks engraved with animal faces; an ape's head, elephant, turtle, bear, rabbit. Notes indicate Dave Talbert, surveyor for State,…

Treasure -What treasures are hidden on Neahkahnie Mountain? Tresasure seekers renew didgging for hidden gold on Neahkahnie Mountain. Several of the local residents tell their story of how and where the treasure is buried.

Did pirates bury a treasure on Neahkahnie Mountain"Mountain of the Fire God"? A group called Northwest Discoveries, Inc. say that they have unearthed the last of the series of 32 rocks. These rocks weighing in 5-1,600 pounds that have strange…
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