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Treasure seekers though out time have searched the mountain, and this article mentions many that have put their life on hold searching for the illusive treasure. Some of their stories are written here.

The mysteries of the treasure of Neahkahnie continues to stir the interest of all. This article tells the usual story of pirates burying the gold on the mountain. It also mentions Lyn Wood and father Charles Wood dying in a cave in while searching. …

Bill Warren is looking for a Spanish galleon that sailed in 1595, possibly into the Nehalem Bay. Also treasure seeking on Mt. Neahkahnie are Milo Merrill of Seatltle Harve Tuttle of Tacoma an occasionally his brother-in-law, two helpers known as Paul…

Larry and Lorraine Vandecoevering have filed for a permit to search for the treasure. Warren was the head of Golden Quest a treasure hunting, and the Vandecoevering held a substancial amount of stock.
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