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no one author, a collection of Articles; "Oregon Stste Park System, a brief history.:Early History of the Puget's Sound Agricultural, Affiliated Society,. Affiliated ' Societies, Reviews"

It has lots of great scenes with great photos

This picture is different from previous ones, the photographer was standing on the ocean side, and it shows just how far the Oakland is up on the beach. The men are standing on the beach discussing the possiblity of moving the ship. Only one that is…

This books is full of short stories of local people from Garibaldi and what influence they had in regards to the history of the area.

This book tells the story of a four men toiling as indentured servants in the Czar's Empire in 1853. They escaped New Archangel, AK to Astoria, OR. in a canoe with the promise of freedom ; the story goes on to tell of their struggles; starvation,…

This is a book of recollections by seven different writers, on where and what it was liketo grow up in the early 1900's.

An International Record of Oceanic Discover. Intensive research was done by the author Thomas Vaughn , Executive Director of Oregon Historical Society.

This is a narrative of a Journal across the Rocky Mountains to the Columbia River

The authors have relied mainly on four sources: writing of marines and land explorers: works of historians, anthropologists, and archaeologists;interviews with descendants of the Indians and early settlers; as well as their own extensive excavations…

The magazine "Sunshine a Magazine of California and the Southwest". June 1896; Has a picture of Beulah Kendall (Reed) She is the "Queen of the May" San Bernardino. Miss Beulah Morse Kendall. on Page 23 of this magazine.
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