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The Stitch and Chatter Club was the women's group that supported the Pine Grove Progressive Club from its inception in 1933.

These hardworking women did all the curtains, pot holders, dish towels, and earned money for Pine Grove.

Della Ellis …

This small book handled all the minutes and financial records and membership for the Stitch and Chatter Club for the years 1941 - 1942. They spent their time making potholders and quilts,etc. which they mostly sold and some ended up in the Pine…

The minutes of the Stitch and Chatter Club now meet at the Community House. This year the constitution and by laws were drawn up. In the back of the book is the mailing list and record of the women's achievements. They were very involved with the…

This hand written list shows the Presidents from the Stitch and Chatter, 1933 to 1948, then name changed to Womens Club and the Presidents from 1949 until 2008 are listed. Jan Markle took over for Chris Bloom, and as of June of 2011, she is still…
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