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Disaster Log of Ships by Jim Gibbs is a great book of a pictorial account of shipwrecks from California to Alaska

Remnants of an old shipwreck show up every so often on Rockaway Beach from the Emily G. Reed. Don Best's picture in 1940, shows the uncovering of the ship and it showed up again


The article gives a grime picture of sailing right on to the rocks with a drunken crew. It explains how the crew was picked in that time, lacking skill and age.

In earlier times the Glenesslin had earned world speed record.for sailing.

She was…


This is a marriage of a good legend with a little tangible evidence is the perfect combination to light a fire in the souls of adventurers, causing them to forsake their ordinary, ration lives and embark upon a journey in search lost treasure.


Writer disagrees with the editorial, shipwrecks are just valuable for their monetary value. Shipwrecks are time capsules that times of the past. They should have legal protection for the irreplaceable.


This book shows many pictures of the shipwrecks along the Oregon Coast. Many are different and unusual pictures than some other books of this sort.


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