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The Historical Society adapted a new system for storing the archives, not just on line, but a permanent dieository for local archives. The Rotary has jumped on the bandwagon with $350.00 donation and the Nehalem Bay Senior Affairs Forum started us…

NVHS minutes and attendance sheets 1/7/87 - 3/8/91
regular meetings 4/23 11/25/90
attendance 5/28/87- 1/31/91
Lists of Board of Governors.

3/8/91 Acker recommended suspending future meetings.
7/11/90 Don Acker looking for new…

The NVHS Tour of homes was May 20, 1987, was a fundraiser.

The report included how much the Society made, and how everything was run, including donations and suggestions for the next one. This was the Society's first fund raiser and they cleared $222.00.

This is a comprehensive organization plan for an annual picnic.

Letter from Jack Bedwell attempting to communicate all the particulars of the proposed plans of the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad, and the Historical Society .

This letter discusses the Pioneer Monument to be placed at the boat ramp. Other correspondence is attached giving the history of events.

This quarterly report for Spring 2011. Contents:
Preserving our future with Omeka, Memorial archive fund. Recent donations. Recommended local history reading.

Photo of Ray Scales receiving checks from the Rotary Club President , Judy Hathaway and Carol Povey President of the Nehalem Bay Senior Affairs Forum .

Notice in newspaper about NVHS meeting's guest speakers Phyllish Wustenberg and Wayne Jensen from the Pioneer Museum
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