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Photos of Nehalem Bay and Nehalem Bay State Park. A. Early view of th Nehalem Bay State Park camp ground, looking south B. Lograft crossing the Nehalem Bar, 1935. C. Before Manzanita was platted, they had it kike this in 1908. D. The real treasure of…

The Nehalem Bay Park was a park created by the Oregon Highway Division. Construction started in 1969, by August of 1970, three-fourths was completed with public restrooms and showers with running water, and open grated stoves are installed. People…

The Dig involved workers taking careful measurements of each inch of the site, the site, near Nehalem Bay State Park, was vandalized before archaeologists were sent to the area.

A fire burned a small area in the Nehalem State Park , and people…
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