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Photos of Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain.A. High bridge on Neah-Kan-Nie, wagon bridge prior to suspension, 1912 B. beautifu Pacific Oacean from Manzanita Beach, towards the mountain C. Suspension Bridge, Neahkahnie 1925

Photo taken in 1902 of Neahaknie Mountain, Smugglers Cove and Cape Falcon, Or. Note the people on the slope of the mountain. Mr. Hank Slangal (a friend of Burt Went spotted this at a yard sale and gave it to Burt for the Historical Society.)

The two amateur archeologists, Don Viles and Wayne Jensen have been working on the Neahkahnie stones to make sense of them for a number of years. They claimed to have the most important historical rock in the state of Oregon...because it has…

Approx. 1950 photo of Neahkahnie Mtn. with few trees and a scattering of homes. Ross Adams lot is marked with red x.

The ad had to be written in about 1912 as the Neahkahnie Inn was not completed and the transportation was horseback, by foot, or by steamer. It was the" premier resort of the Northwest".

Map marking Neahkahnie Mountain and railroad and Indian trails
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