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This whole scrapbook has details of Don Acker's pursuit to document everything known to this date about the Neahkahnie treasure. There is a lengthily Field Study by Christi Wuthrich written in 1992, with a collection of related news articles and…

This article was written in memory of Lloyd Grimes. It tells how Bud Cunningham spoofed the treasure seekers digging on Neahkahnie Mtn. It's a fun story, but maybe a little crewel.

"The Tales of the Neahkahnie Treasure" was published and available to purchase. The committee to compile all the information included: Norma Seely, Jona Muceus, Charlotte Mast, Hal Larson, Pat Edley, Nora Dunn, Harris Culpepper, and Don Acker.
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