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Martha Elizabeth Alley Knight was born on the homestead of grandfather Marshall Alley on the Nehalem River 9/17/1891. Daughter of Herbert Alley and Mary Winifred Doughney Alley. She became a school teacher after attending Nehalem, then Tillamook…

Mary Winifred Doughney Alley writes more about her grandparents coming to Oregon and to Nehalem in 1870. She listed the following as the fifteen resident families living in and around Nehalem at the time. First was John Hunt who married Mary's…

Oregon History is what Mary W. Alley described this article. Her details include Captain Robert Gray of Boston arriving in 1792.

Mary Winifred Doughney Alley tells her story about arriving in Nehalem in 1879. Her adventures are very picturesque.and very detailed.

This tribute to the Pioneer Grandmother, Francis Gross Scovel was written by Mary Winifred (Doughney) Alley on February 10, 1832. It tells of the first steam boat to go up the Cumberland River. Her marriage to Stephen Kendall Scovell, She moved to…

The Chart shows all information known on John Marshall Alley and his wife Martha Ann Curry including their family. The son, Herbert Vivien Alley married Mary Winifred Doughney. (this is the connection with the Knight family)

Winifred "Buddy" Alley Bain submitted this chart which is a great help to tie together the family and give an additional understanding of the family memories we have on file.

This great description of Patrick Doughery is somewhat detailed events of his experiences and how he ended up in the Nehalem Valley as one of the early settlers to this area.
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