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The barnacled 500 lb Japanese horned type mine came into Neahkahnie. People were warned to stay back but many were curious. It was detonated by Captain Kenneth Hawks of Ft. Stevens The blast shattered windows in cottages around and threw rocks…

Two light bulbs which drifted in on the beach from the tsunami, from Japan. blue bulb is 9" in length, 4" dia. The clear bulb is 10" x 4 1/2" dia. These were brought in by Jim and Sandi Decker, from Tualatin, Oregon.

The sea brought in a 500 lb.Japanese Mine onto the beach at Neahkahnie, in 1946. Curious onlookers were mostly children.
Guyon Blissett, owner of the Neahkahnie Tavern called in the Army ordinance team from Fort Stevens and they came and shot…
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