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The Nehalem Tillamook and Ethnography is all about the cultures collections of the different tribes of Indians. This book has six sections of study, Material Culture and Subsistence, Social Organization, the Life Cycle, Worldveiw and Ceremonial…


Ahoaltin's story is of the hardships Indians had just survive on the Nehalem River. He tells he manages to get a seal and how it benefits everyone in the camp.


This is an old Indian story telling of making a canoe out of a cedar log, and the flint knives and axes. It also goes in to detail about meeting the first white sailors. and trading with them.


This postcard is of a Indian living her life in Nehalem, her name was Princess Louise. She lived on the Island just off Nehalem and gentlemen would row out to the island to visit her. Her full name was Louise Wyaleta

These prints are of the authentic Clatsop Indians from glass plates owned by George Bales. Dated 1885.. There was little difference in coast(north) Indian Experts say.
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