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Newspaper article showing the Golden Hinde coming into Tillamook Bay June 24, 1987. This was the ship that carried Sir Francis Drake and his crew when they came to the area in the 16th century.

The program for the Golden Hinde and her gallant crew was held 6/25/1987, hosted by the Nehalem Valley Historical Society. It included a buffet, presentations, and a public reception, with a blessing for their journey. Songs were sung.

The menu for the reception for the Golden Hinde, plus correspondence for paper and planing details for the event.

The Golden Hinde's journey to retrace the trip Sir Francis Drake did in 1579, The vessel was on display in Astoria, at the Maritime Museum.

Guest list from the reception at the Nehalem Valley Care Center for the reception held when the Golden Hinde made a replica voyage along the west coast retracing Sir Francis Drakes' trip in 1579.

Scientist found hitchhikers on the Golden Hinde which were anemone like hydroid, Tubularia crocea and a sea squirt, attached themselves to the bottom of the ship that was in the Nehalem Bay a month earlier. The animal and plants we take for granted…

The poster was an invitation to meet the crew of the historic Golden Hinde, (a replica of Sir Francis Drake's famous ship).

Program for the reception in honor of "The Golden Hinde and its gallent crew, Hosted by NVHS Buffet 6-7 P.M.
Public reception 7:30-9:00 P.M. Blessings for the Journey
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