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Photos of Glenesslin. In the top photo, there are some treasure hunters. A. Scavengers looting the Glenesslin taking what they want. Famous photo of the ship right after the incident..

A wonderful article about the British ship Glenesslin that ran aground at the base of Neahkahnie mountain. The year was October 1, 1913 and Mrs. Samuel Reed could hardly believe what she was seeing; at the base of Neahkahnie mountains. Her vantage…

Nagging questions still linger about the vessel's last hours at sea. The story goes on to tell the familiar story of how the Glennesslin ran aground right on the rocks at Neahkahnie Mountain in the middle of the day. Captain Owen Williams never…

With the picture of the Glenesslin on the rocks. On 10/1/1913, she had sailed 176 days up from Santos, Brazil. she was a three-masted square-rigged sailing ship. It was headed to Portland for a load of wheat.

12-9-2011 1;14;08 PMd.jpg
Two photo post cards of the ship wreck Glenesslin, October 1, 1913

12-9-2011 1;11;29 PMc.jpg
Photo post card of the shipwreck Glenesslin

Photo of a 1914 postcard showing unusual tourist attraction of the shipwreck of the Glenesslin taken on October 2, 1913. (one day after the crash.)
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