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Photos of Glenesslin. In the top photo, there are some treasure hunters. A. Scavengers looting the Glenesslin taking what they want. Famous photo of the ship right after the incident..

Garry Gitzen collected the different headlines from the Seaside Signal, Tillamook Headlight Herald, The Oregonian. The Oregonian focused on the rescue attempt made, which lost 16 , recovered 4. as the boat turned sideways to the wave and was hit…


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There were rumors that the Glenesslin had been deliberately wrecked to collect the insurance or that her captain was drunk. The article goes on to explain that the captain had an unblemished 26 year career. That Llyod's of London would not have…


A rare shot of the Neahkahnie Inn, with the flag pole from the Mimi and the wreck of the Glenesslin in the background. Taken after October 1st, in 1913.
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