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Student interviews with longtime Tillamook residents with history of high water and floods.


The flood of January 1990, caused a lot of damage in the Nehalem Valley. The Harold Bronson residence on the Nehalem River shows the damage in the photo. The Nehalem River rose to the highest point ever recorded since monitoring systems were put in…


Oregon's Governor Neil Goldschmidt arrived in Wheeler by the excursion train. He was here to support the North Tillamook County Hospital District.They put on a $50.00 a plate dinner at the Nehalem Valley Care Center.The seafood buffet was served up…

The Storm of January 1990 caused much destruction.
The Federal Emergency Management Administration and state Emergency Management officials were in the county over the week end survey the damages

Actual readings on the river were 13 feet about…


Storms hit Nehalem River and it swelled to 24.9', almost 13' above flood stage. The Coast Guard ferried 25 persons and 3 dogs to safety.


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