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This issue is largely about the Slide in Nehalem, cutting of Wheeler and points south.
12th Annual Free Barbecue in Wheeler
Publishers Paper to Cut Timer
Camp Fire News and Such
Nehalem Firemen hose down mud on 101
Doughas Fir Seedlings…

This issue has a picture of the George R. Vosburg tug. Wheeler, Oregon was known as Vosburg for a short time until a second postoffice was opened and restored the Wheeler name.
Other articles include
Don Viles (Author writes of Beeswax and…

This edition of the Fishrapper includes the following articles:

New Hospital Equipment and Clinic Building Approved
New Traffic Light for Nehalem
The Filosofical Frog
"Tops" Take it off.

The newspape was the only paper at the time for Nehalem Valley.
Headlines in paper:
Letter to public from Tillamook County Sheriff
Cocaine Reaching Epidemic Proportions in Oregon
Sheriff's Office 1982 Crime Report Completed
First Harvest in…
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