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This postcard is of the ship "the Golden Hinde" replica that sailed into Nehalem Bay in 1987 in celebration of Sir Francis Drakes voyage in 1579.

Oral history of Don Sutherland

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Reflection of Saddle Mountain and the Coastal Range on the Nehalem River

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Picture of ocean spray at the tip of Cape Falcon Spray from spouting horn tip of Cape Falcon."Looks like a man carrying a rifle" Ghost figure "Rifleman"

Phis photo was taken by the U.S. Air Force in 1942.
It shows 47 miles of Tillamook County Coast Line, from lower right hand corner is the outskirts of Bay City, far point of land is Tillamook Head. It shows the south area of Seaside. Town in the…

These prints are of the authentic Clatsop Indians from glass plates owned by George Bales. Dated 1885.. There was little difference in coast(north) Indian Experts say.

The photo only says "Timber Fallers, but on closer look, they added lots of things for this picture. Notice how they notched the tree for the stand to fit in it on the lower right side. They included their saw, and double handled axes, Plus they…

Early days (1912-1924) roads in many areas of Tillamook County were made of old growth fir. This was cheaper than crushed rock. This photo is how Hwy. 101 looked just south of Rockaway

Photo taken by Don Sutherland on a very peaceful early morning on the Nehalem River.

This photo taken by Don Sutherland shows Neahkahnie from Cape Falcon, spray from waves is at least 150' high at the base of the cliff. Highway is 525' above sea level, you can make out the lights on the cars. Taken in 1951
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