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The Nehalem Bay Senior Affairs Forum has donated to the city, three wheelchairs (two adults and one child size. These are available at Bikes and Boards free of charge. Best to make a reservation though. A fund raiser by the group made this…

These sketches are what the Hoffman Center will soon look like.

These photos were taken in 1977 before Dorothy and Bob Oswald built their house. The aerial shots show how fast it grew and filled in with houses.

Membership list of members in 1990/91v President Helen Bell, Vice Presidents Bobbie Recio, Millie Kestin, Secretary Elaine Balla, Treas. Lillian Bel

The get together was to review what hi=jinks in history were hapeening her in 1984-85.

Two cannons discovered on the beach at Arch Cape. They were found by visitors, Mike Petrone and daughter Miranda, from Tualatin waling on the beach. The second cannon was found by Sharisse Repp of Taulalin, visiting with the Petrones. These cannons…

Mount St. Helen erupted at 1:48 AM on Friday March 28, 1980. It was dormant for nearly 123 years

this Warranty Deed was issued March 1, 1916 from Henry Tohl, A.C. Andersen and Hulda Andersen to George M. Weister for the sum of $50.00
to purchase block 63 on Classic Ridge Beach
(Tohl and Andersen General Merchants)

This Warranty Deed was issued May 12, 1919 by Henry C. Beard and Leola E. Beard to Harry Ballheim

This warranty Deed was issued from Harry M. Ballheim to Thomas H. Cory in the amount of $10.00 2/19/1925
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