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On September 14, 2013, Owen Nicholson took a ride with Dave Mathews out around Neahkahnie Mountain. They had an opportunity to go in all the caves usually under water, but accessible this particular day. They were out there because of the…

This is a collection of Micronesia documents that connect to the beeswax ships.

Thos. H Rogers and Leroy Lewis went to the Nehalem Sandspit to meet up with Pat Smith. He was on the beach sawing walking-cane strips from heavy timbers of teakwood. This came from the wreakage of the Beeswax ship. Pat Smith had a cane-factory…

This thorough report of findings, conclusions, artifacts and magnetometer searches, auger testings, the research produced new evidence of the beeswax ship location and time it hit the shores of the Manzanita spit.
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