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This article tells the story that is well known in this area, about the Treasure possibly buried and all about the beeswax ship.

The Columbia River Maritime Museum had Scott Williams of the Archaeology and History Program with the Washington State Dept pf Transportation, discuss the findings so far.

A detailed report of the project in May, 2007 of the investigation of the beeswax ship site in the Nehalem Bay State Park.


Taken at the Nehalem Bay State Park, L-R Ed Von der Porten, ?, ?, Scott Williams, Mrs. Williams; sitting Sheldon Brcimen, Jack Peters

2. Owen Nicholson, at the "Witness Tree"

3. Jim Olson south of tghe "Range Ship Marker on 101 - south of…

This article goes into great detail describing a new theory of the date that a Spanish galleon sank off Oregon, possibly bearing the area's first Europeans.

Piece of Beeswax weighting over 12 lbs was found on beach at Barview found 2/13/1960.


Shell Oil's age dating lab resulted in date the beeswax found on the Manzanita Beach as being formed in 1681. This article feels it came from the
Spanish galleon San Francisco Xavier in 1705.


This article gives a detailed account of Gemelli Careri's trip from the Orient to Alcapulco telling of a disastrous trip, with unbearable hardships. Also other added articles showing the petroglyrphs that were found scattered on Mt. Neahkahnie.

Indian legends offer great treasure and beeswax wrecks on the Neahkahnie Mountain and on the sand spit from shipwrecked galleons. Some historians claim the treasure was taken by the stepson of Dr. John McLaughlin.
The works of William Lytle…

Owen P. Goodridge, a carpenter in Florence, found a piece of beeswax on the beach north of Florence, which brought up the old stories about the two galleons ship wrecked on the Manzanita Spit around the 1700s. The article touches on the Chest laden…


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