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Rules are changing, because of Tony Mareno's treasure hunt on the beach. Governor McCall said there was a centuries-old parchment found by Tony Mareno, that proves Spain owns the beaches. …

This article has a picture of the Glenessling made by the glass lantern slide method, (printed backwards) He asked questions and got answers from George Abdill (item #868)

Correction came from George B. Abdill, Curator, Douglas County Museum, who want the corrected facts to be known about the shipwreck of the Glenesslin on October 1, 1913. She was hauling wheat.

Letter from Mark Seller, Sr. requesting information on the ship wreck off " Manazanita Head"

This is a quite old article written by Helengray O'Brien with her suggestions of how to grow plants near the salt water.

Bud Greer came to Manzanita in 1905. At that time tere were only two houses in Manazanita, the Lane residence and one owned by McCormack, also the store owned and operated by Mr. Cardell. At Neahkahnie there were two houses to- one owned by Essie…

The churning seas keep visitors off rock. An English ship, Lupata, crashed in 1881 right into the rock, no one was saved from this ship, but a dog. It is now decaying from the storms and the rough seas.

Tony Mareno continue to dig after permit ran out.

The nine year old girl, Denise Daniel, wrote to a service man in Vietnam, and asked a bunch of questions. He (1st Lt. J. P. Emington) responded with a delightful letter back to her.

At 12 years old, Alan Wright started making a telescope with perfection. He attached his camera and was able to take pictures of the moon..
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