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  • Collection: Samuel and Beulah Reed

Captures the West as it was " shrinking under the assault of the twentieth century"

Condensation of the Lewis and Clark journals which has been edited from the original version for use by the general reader.

Information on Oregon' coast from personal interviews and research in journals, diaries, logs, letters, newspapers and books

Shipwreck of Mimi, Nehalem Spit, February 13, 1913 and its First Mate, F. Flagg

Information on school life, Beeswax ship, Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain, lumber industry among many other topics of everyday life

A look at myths of land, manhood, and manifest destiny and their effect on lives today.

Book grew our of the project to restore Kam Wah Chung building in which Ing Hay and his partner Lung On lived for many years

Articles: "Trophies " for God; Whose Frontier?; Billy and Merne's Excellent Expedition; Photo Essay: Oregon Voices; Comin and Goin; Reasrch Files

Special Addition -Articles:: The Isaac I. Stevens and Joel Palmer Treaties: Oregon Voices, American Indian Treaty Glossary.

Articles: Hurrah for Garibaldi,. Portland Italians, Dalla Memories, Coast Experience, The Night of Tuscania Went Down" Bicentennial Overview
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