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8 calendars, 9 1/2 by 11 inches from
Weyerhaeuser . Used as advertisement by Nehalem Lumber and Stockton's Nehalem Lumbar companies.

This correspondence was brought about because of an garbage problem and the use of small incinerators.

The letter from the Personnel and Placement office of the Oregon State Agricultural College is offering students to Mrs. Ben Lane for either summer or permanent placements.


This correspondence between J. H.Lane and the Library of Congress , Bureau of Copyrights and patent Office regarding a bar of soap wrapper had been copyrighted.

The orginal photo was taken by Mayer, back on October 17, 1913, when Harry Bell was working on the salvage project aboard the Glenesslin.

This picture shows the deck of the Glenesslin in 1913, after it crashed onto the rocks, being salvaged by Harry Bell and his associates.

The picture was in the Fishrapper showing the Glenesslin in the background with the salvage crew bring in 2 life boats. Harry Bell, eating an apple. Lew Ulifer, Oscar Klein, and others. The Glenesslin's hull is laying over strarboard on its side.

The question, "Will Manzanita Recycling Die?" is the main point in this article. It was the beginning for Manzanita, to face the recycling age. The coast guard had been providing a truck to transport the recyclable articles, but now was unable to…

Mark Beach and wife Kathleen continues to collect old photos and digitalize old postcards and photos, refreshing and renewing them. The article tells of his many community involvements, and projects. Mark is pictured with Ann Nicholson, President…


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