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This commemorative newspaper edition is the historic reflections from Tillamook County, June 8, 1888 to June 1988


This great booklet is a very descriptive and detailed collection of the different aspects of the time. Though it is not dated, it is possibly written in the 1920s. It tells about the cheese industry taking off, and the lumber companies booming…


This article is mostly about the Pioneer Museum in Tillamook. It's exhibits recall historical past, and has preserving history since 1935.


This delightful brochure makes Neahkahnie the only place to buy, it has everything, views, golf, surf bathing, fishing , crabbing and horseback riding.

Barney and Helen Lucas bought over 600 acres on the mountain and beach community. He had…

The article tells great values of visiting Manzanita and the surrounding area. It pictures Bob Matthews and Ted Watkins building a sand castle on the beach, The old fish market and the natural health clinic, acupuncturist and boutiques, etc. even the…

The Historical Society was taking on a new book, a collection of the pioneer families with a new slant. By this time they had already produced "The tales of Neahkahnie Treasue", Bing Bake had published Nehalem Indians".

The property of Harold and Laura Lange had two large deep shafts on their property. One 7-8 feet in diameter and 80 ft. in depth. ( Gene Henderson says he filled the hole which was 80 ft. deep and saltwater was in it. There is more to the story with…

Dr. Stewart explained there were two separate holes dug to the depth of 30 feet, spaced approx. 10-12 feet apart. A small shack had been built in one corner of the lot.

Don explained the situation with our Historical Society dilemma with lack of active members. and thanked him for the support he had offered us.

Don Acker's definitions for different laws given to him by Doug Crispin, Nehalem Bay State Park Mgr.
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