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Richard Eberman, a poet and author, has a bit of important history attached to him. He spoke to to the Tillamook High School and read his poem "Riding to Tillamook in memory of his father, who carried the mail from Astoria to Tillamook, The father…

Beach combing findings along the Oregon coast are on display.

Article tells of the adventure of looking for small treasures that could be found on the beaches.

After a disastrous attempt to salvage the Air Force F-102 jet fighter, which went down off of Manzanita, the Air Force has given up the search, but was asking Manzanita residents to turn in any salvage that washed ashore.

Holiday Trailer Lodge was opened 9/1/1966, Governor Mark Hatfield and his family came to the event. Owners Mr. and Mrs. Melvern Johnson are the new owners.

Pictured: Back left, Ray Rich, director; J.H. Farrell, vice President; Otto Soderstrom, director; Hervert Hutton, Mayor of Manzanita, and Walter Dry, President. Front: Mrs. Farrell, librarian: Mars Mark Pierson, secretary; and Mrs. Soderstrom,…

A no-host meeting was held to organize a civil defense organization. Frank Andrus was to notify the State Civil Defense office. and get it going

Holiday Trailer lodges, Lee Glaske builtl a 40 acre , a 100 trailer space park.

Researche found 92 different species of wood in the driftwood found between Cape Kwanda and Cape Lookout in ten years.

Piece of Beeswax weighting over 12 lbs was found on beach at Barview found 2/13/1960.


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