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8 1/2 by 11 in Photo
labeled No 204 Beacon Club House near Nehalem Ore

This article gives a detailed account of Gemelli Careri's trip from the Orient to Alcapulco telling of a disastrous trip, with unbearable hardships. Also other added articles showing the petroglyrphs that were found scattered on Mt. Neahkahnie.

This is a very detailed business card advertising the Classic Ridge Beach property.

Manzanita history told by Geneva Cavender at 84. Memories of Manzanita and Alice Weister. Mrs. Weister was an artist and her husband was a photographer.

An very early view of the Oregon City Falls, with possibly Mrs L. H. Edwards in foreground

View of Oregon Coast Line,

Miss Hurlburt, Director of the Oregon Conservatory of Music, spoke of the recital being held at Parsons Hall in 1901

Classic Ridge Beach Co., Tract layout of the different areas.Tract I, Tract II, Tract III. Streets named and ready for selling. Pictures around side depict area highlights. Original is on file and is very fragile

Photo of Mrs. Weister

This framed photograph of Mr. Edwards might not have been his favorite as it was found in the ramshackled house after his death. Notice one side of his hair was nicely combed and the other side showed his wild side.
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