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Don Acker was a Charter Member of the Nehalem Valley Historical Society. He became President of the Organization in 1987. He was active and truly worked to keep the organization together thru the years until his retirement from the board in 1910. He saved many of the wonderful history with articles, memos, letters and reports.

Collection Items

Handwriten page with notes as to where the treasure is, as told by Orville Keller
This page is notes about the whereabouts of the Neahkahnie treasure is buried. Mr. Orville Keller relayed that he had rocks engraved with animal faces; an ape's head, elephant, turtle, bear, rabbit. Notes indicate Dave Talbert, surveyor for State,…

Report on Spaghetti Dinner Success
Don Ackers report on how the dinner went and could have had more advertising.

Bark Mimi wreckage found in North County in 1913. Some ships sailed into our waters and the ones that didn't leave.
Captain Westphal of the German "Bark Mimi",
looking for the mouth of the Columbia River mistook Nehalem Bar for Columbia Bark Miami was sister ship of the "Glenesslin",both built in 1885 in a Scottish shipyard. Both met their demise half…

Treasure Seekers
Four page account of treasure hunters on Necanny Mountain including John Hobson, written by Charlotte Mast Recounting shipwrecks, "San Juanillo, "San Juan" and "San Francisco Xavier".

Treasure Seekers
Beeswax and Treasurer Seekers on Neah-Kah-Nie
Miascellaneous notes on Neah-Kah-Nie and Nehalem history.

The wreck of the "Emily Reed"
3 masted wooden-hull ship[ built in Maine in 1880.Bound for Portland with a load of coal from Newcastle, England Went aground Feb. 14, 1908 near mouth of Nehalem River.Amazing rescue of seamen days later.

The message on the Rocks
"Did Sir Francis Drake leave us a note" A book reveals early Neah-Kah-Nie visitor was Sir Francis Drake, our first tourist.

How far North did Drake Travel?
How far North did Drake travel? An unanswered question. Discussed by Wayne Jensen in article in Headlght Herald. Also , the measuring rock was mentioned, figured by some to be and English yard, thereby proving the rocks were survey rocks.

"A Cradle of Science"
Newspaper article about the "Golden Hind". sir Francis Drakes's flagship. Markers, stones, surveys and claims.

The Legend of the ill-fated Glenesslin Shipwreck`
Nagging questions still linger about the vessel's last hours at sea. The story goes on to tell the familiar story of how the Glennesslin ran aground right on the rocks at Neahkahnie Mountain in the middle of the day. Captain Owen Williams never…
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