Alice Kavanaugh's Scrap Book

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Alice Kavanaugh's Scrap Book


Alice started saving and cutting out articles for her scrapbook in 1945. They arrived here in Manzanita on Sunday, January 24, 1945 and stayed at the Manzanita Inn until Feb. 11, 1945. It was while there they decided that they would like to live in Manzanita. On Feb. 11th they moved to Jensen's Auto Court. We stayed there about three weeks and then moved into one of Jensen's cottages on Second Street where they located. On April 23rd the purchased the cottage from Jensen.

Alice got right into Manzanita's lifestyle and ended up on the budget committee as of April 11, 1946.

Collection Items

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lane attended the convention of the League of Oregon Cities and the Oregon Finance Officer's Association, where they were asked how the " infant" was. (meaning the new city of Manzanita. Residents had voted for incorporation on…

Sample Ballot
A special Election was held January 11, 1946 the decision was to make Manzanita be incorporated or not. The vote passed with a 55 to 12 vote to cast their lot to the cities. Manzanita had about 290 inhabitants at that time.
The voting poll was at…

Letter from Mayor Ben S. Lane to Alice Kavanaugh
This letter requested her presence at the concil meeting and related that she was elected to budget committee.

Court Plans figured for towns.
Census were taken for Garibaldi and Manzanita to get a share of the tax moneys available for state highway and liquor revenues.

News Items: Park, School, Post office, and Fire house
Court readies plans to dedicate park lot on 101, has 6 acres. Court also deeded lots B,C and D in Classic Ridged for Pine Grove School # 5 on Manzanita Ave.

The Post Office also moved to the Anna Tohl apartment building on Laneda

The Fire?…

Planes and Jeeps join Child Hunt
5 year old Sarahlee Lambert got lost on the spit with her brother, they got separated and he was found but she stayed missing until about dusk when Marie Jensen and Joan Harless found the girl sleeping under a log on the riverside beach. She was…

Photo Lanes' home
Picture taken in the 1940s Ben Lane is far right in photo

Photo The Pine Grove Community Center
Picture taken in the 1940s when the library was still included in the Pine Grove building

Photo of Laneda Ave.
Photo of Laneda Ave. busy with cars in the 1940s

View over Manzanita to Neahkahnie
Overview of Ben Lane's in foreground with Neahkahnie in background
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