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Cavender Collection


The Cavender Collection consists of articles and photos regarding the promotion of land development in Manzanita. The earliest recollections are that people began picking Manzanita as a destination from the 1890s to 1920. The collection is filled with photos showing the dress and customs at that time.


Don Cavender
Louella Cavender

Collection Items

Music lesson receipt
Receipt from L.H. Edwards to Mrs. C. Cavender for Jack's music lesson in May of 1933. for the amount of $2.25

School Report "Understanding Landscapes"
A fourteen page report by Larry Cavender in the winter of 1982. His descriptive and talented way of expression is shown in this report, along with some interesting photos and drawings. Just some of the photos have been copied, but there several maps…

Beach Scene near Nehalem, Oregon
Picture Postcard from Don Cavender to W. Caple, mailed from Manzanita on May 29, 1914 to Portland, Ore. The postcard shows the dress of the day, and ladies in the water are dressed with swimming suits that reach just above the knees. The strollers…

Barefoot on the Beach
A photo taken at a family outing , all are barefoot and showing the times as being early 1900s. The ladies are in long dresses and hats and the young boys are in full attire for swimming in the surf. Of course the dog faithfully follows.

Special Delivery Envelope
Empty envelope to J. H. Edwards with original stamps 10 cent special delivery stamp with the imprinted stamp for 2 cents on the envelope

Oregon Conservatory of Music Class Recital
A program for the Oregon Conservatory of Music, Class Recital June 22nd and June 24th, 1901 in Parsons' Hall, Portland Oregon. Plus a newspaper clipping . The newspaper clipping elaborates on the accomplishments and the future of the conservatory

Business Card of J. H. Edwards &amp; L.H. Edwards<br /><br />
Classic Ridge Beach Co.
Business card for J. H. Edwards and L. H. Edwards

Classic Ridge Beach Co.
J. H. Edwards and J. H. Edwards Classic Ridge Beach Co. Price list of 50 x 100 foot lots in the second allotment in Manzanita, Note: Remember, that upon the completion of the Nehalem-Tillamook-Portland Railroad in 1910, this resort will be the…

Mrs. Weister, Poet and Artist, Dies
Mrs. Weister, Poet and Artist, Dies. was talented artist and poetess long identified with Portland's with culture enterprises.
Mrs. Weister hand-tinted a series of slides of Oregon scenery which was highly praised. She is the sister of Mrs Edwards…

Seasons Greetings
A Christmas Card from J. H. & L. H. Edwards for 1914-15. Noted seventeenth season greetings from the Oregon Conservatory of Music. and Classic Ridge Beach Co. and a poem from Dorothy Gloria
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