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The board of Nehalem school district #39 built this elementary school in 1921 to accomodate the growing number of pupils. In addition to children from families near Nehalem, better roads and new buses meant schools in outlying areas could close.…

dedication Dec 1930.jpg
The Wheeler Reporter newspaper kept readers aware of developments with school districts in the Nehalem Bay area. It published this article in December, 1930, announcing formal openning of the pool.

petition Dec 1929.jpg
In December, 1929, taxpayers of school district 39 -- the Nehalem school district -- asked the school board to include a swimming in plans for the addition to the elementary school. This page from the minutes is a record of the petition that led to…

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Early in 1929, board members of Nehalem district 39 and Mohler district 28 began discussing closing the Mohler school and busing the children to Nehalem. Nehalem board members worked with City council and private owners to acquire additional land,…

Receipt from L.H. Edwards to Mrs. C. Cavender for Jack's music lesson in May of 1933. for the amount of $2.25

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Paid Tillamook County Tax Statements from 1929 to 1940 for Clyde E. and Geneva Cavender for property titled Classic Ridge Beach E 1/2 (8)
Paid Tillamook County Tax Statements from 1934 to 1940 for Joseph and Johanna Kelly for property titled Classic…

A fourteen page report by Larry Cavender in the winter of 1982. His descriptive and talented way of expression is shown in this report, along with some interesting photos and drawings. Just some of the photos have been copied, but there several maps…

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Picture Postcard from Don Cavender to W. Caple, mailed from Manzanita on May 29, 1914 to Portland, Ore. The postcard shows the dress of the day, and ladies in the water are dressed with swimming suits that reach just above the knees. The strollers…

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A photo taken at a family outing , all are barefoot and showing the times as being early 1900s. The ladies are in long dresses and hats and the young boys are in full attire for swimming in the surf. Of course the dog faithfully follows.

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A Photo of a Model T or Model A Ford with three adventures, next to (thought to be) King Edwards Lake in Manzanita, Or. The road left much to be desired.
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