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The passing of Rev. Chester E. Falby was a loss to the community as he loved his worship, preaching and teaching. With the computer he was learning Spanish to work with his parisoners, who mostly speak Spanish.

He lived a very dedicated life…

North Coast Citizen and Headlight Herald newspapers published an article about "Lost Pioneer" that was held at Pine Grove in Manzanita OR. This play was the results of a collaboration of effort between Mark Beach and Liz Cole, playwright Ellen West.

9 pages Stories and Pictures and descriptions of bridges in and of Astoria-Megler Bridge, Waldport's Alsea Bay Bridge, The Screaming Bridge- Thomas Creek Bridge, {hear sounds of a woman screaming)car tires on deck surface, Young's Bay drawbridges…


Newspaper article about the "Golden Hind". sir Francis Drakes's flagship. Markers, stones, surveys and claims.


Ballard of Kelly & Jim.jpg
"The Ballard of Jim & Kelly" Their boat capsized at the Tillamook Bar. Jim is trapped under the boat. Jim prays and said "GoodBye" to his wife Lynn. Kelly was able to get them out and gets a life vest for Jim...

Doris Davis Memorial Pond and Wetlands has been turned over to the Wetlands Conservancy for public use. This was made possible by the generosity of Jerry Davis longtime resident of Neahkahnie. There are more than 100 species of birds as well as…

The book is all in verses Its a collection of poems written by Mrs. Hemans. i

A group of three families, one from California and two families from Portland, meet at Jim Mudd's and play music for a couple of weeks.. It's all about fun and Music.

This book deals with the discovery and survey of the area by Sir Francis Drake, thought to be here in 1579

This biography is in the form of dialogue which actually took place at the close of the old lands' career. It is an epic of American life in the earlier and then later days.
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