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A. Sheet 5 of 48 2 copies (A1-A2) July 25 1973
B. Sheet 7 of 48 July 25 1973
C. Sheet 7 of 46 Oct 1978
D. Sheet 4 of 45 Jan 1984
E. Sheet 5 of 45 Jan 1984

Photograph copies taken 6-28-67
bound 37"x 23" paper sheets
by Oregon State Highway Division

numerous details of the Nehalem River
7 sectional maps .
Omeka number 1917 a -g
A,B,C, & D are plan sheers
E, F, & G are profile sheets)

A. Key Map (overview) and section (near Mohler to Nehalem Falls)
B. Nehalem Falls to past Tideport dam…

enlarged and reproduces plot maps of the process of the vacating prior approved maps

copy of map and hand written accounting of the Short Sand area for development in ~1910

aerial road map from highway 101 east to the shore/ocean west, and Oswald State Park north to near Laneda avenue in Manzanita.

A. Sheet 6 of 48, July 25 1973
B. Sheet 3 of 45 Jan 1984
C. Sheet 4 of 45 Jan 1984

enlarged plot map of prior plot maps

the steam powered tug Geo. R. Vosburg
along with the smaller boats Juenta, Meta, ??ette, Coral, Teddy and 2 unidentified others;
The Vosburg was in service from 1901, on the Columbia from 1900 to 1912
length 75.5 ft. beam 20 ft. depth 8.7ft.
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