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Shipwreck of Mimi, Nehalem Spit, February 13, 1913 and its First Mate, F. Flagg

This picture shows how some people are just talented. Fred Stam in a care he made himself. Beulah Reed used to ride in it in 1901, when visiting in Ontario.

Captures the West as it was " shrinking under the assault of the twentieth century"

A look at myths of land, manhood, and manifest destiny and their effect on lives today.

Information on Oregon' coast from personal interviews and research in journals, diaries, logs, letters, newspapers and books

This photo was taken November 1, 1913, the twins were 2 years old, and Marion was 9 1/2 years. This was taken in San Bernardius, CA.
Girls all attened Reed College, Portland, OR
Marion became an M.D. 1935 to 1980s

The portrait of Samuel Gordon Reed along with some spontaneous photos taken in 1913, 1934, 1928.

This shack was there on Short Sands Beach in the 1920s

In 1911, Beulah was expecting her second child, but to her surprise, they had twins. Being prepared for only one, she only had one bassinet so one of the twins had to be placed in the family's laundry basket until this could be rectified. Thou…

In 1932, it was one of the worlds newest and greatest north and south tourist routes, the Oregon Coast Highway.
Sam Reed announced he will soon give to the public and to Oregon the whole mountain as a park forever,if only his sheep may be allowed…
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