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The ladies would come from Portland, usually by train to Wheeler, take the ferry "the Jennetta" to Nehalem, then the Smith Transport would bring them from Nehalem to Manzanita,

This is a list of military burials in the Nehalem American Legion Cemetery. Listing the war they participated in and rank and branch of service when known.

A list of the veterans buried at the Nehalem American Legion Cemetery. George Backlund has provided the Historical Society with a list.

This is Lewis and Clarks Chronology starting August, 1803 thru 1848, the Mexican War.

This is a true narrative of Oregon's Tillamook Rock Lighthouse off of Cannon Beach OR. and how it saved so many ships from coming into shore and crashing.

Stories of Aging and Choice. The women chosen to be in this book are ladies who never dyed or colored their hair, but just let nature take its course.The Art Ranch

It is a great little book with historical pictures of the Siletz Indians.

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This Booklet was produced by the Lower Nehalem Community Trust to help preserve the wetlands surrounding the area.

This book is a great Historical Road Map to everything in Tillamook County. It shows all the monuments in Tillamook Couny, with the great detailed description and historical facts and stories you may not have had the opportunity to discover.

Dr. Huckleberry, an cld time doctor, tells the way it was during his career . It is all about the way of life and the different professions, and personalities, with wonderful tidbits he throws in are heartwarming.
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